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Children at our schools learn French throughout Key Stage 2. We use the Language Angels scheme of
work, which ensures that children are exposed to regular, engaging lessons which develop an
interest in, and an enthusiasm for, language learning.

Children are exposed to and taught the four key language learning skills (speaking, listening, reading
and writing), with an emphasis on being able to communicate in the target language. All necessary
grammar will also be covered in an age-appropriate way, enabling pupils to use and apply their
learning in a variety of contexts. Children produce both spoken and written outcomes.
Independence is developed through a bank of reference materials that they can refer to throughout
their language learning journey.

Learning is carefully sequenced and progressive across Key Stage 2. Throughout the topics that
children are exposed to, they have opportunities to revisit and consolidate prior learning. Their
language knowledge will progress within each academic year and will be extended year upon year
throughout Key Stage 2.

High expectations ensure that all children achieve their full potential. Children are encouraged to use
language in a meaningful way; they therefore develop their resilience and perseverance because
they are willing to take risks and make mistakes. The ultimate aim is for pupils to be motivated to
continue studying languages beyond Key Stage 2, and to become lifelong language learners.

Alongside communication skills in the target language, children also develop a genuine interest in,
and curiosity about, foreign languages. Children have the chance to develop a deeper understanding
of, and respect for, other cultures and of the world around them. They understand and respect
similarities and differences between different cultures, people around the world and people in our
local area. We use any opportunity to learn about other languages, and to celebrate the languages
that are spoken in our school community.