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Learning Journals Explained

The term learning journey or learning journal is a term used in early years in relation to a record of a child’s learning and development based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Your child may have had one of these during their time at their nursery and during their Reception Year we will create our own learning journal using the platform Seesaw. Your child’s learning journal will be a record of observations and photos/videos. The aim is to build a unique picture of what each child knows, feels and can do as well as his/her particular interests and learning style.

Evidence of a child’s achievement should ideally be of the things the children do always and naturally without prompting.Observations are recorded and analysed with the EYFS framework, development matters and Birth to 5 matters and then next steps will be identified. Learning journeys are a great way to celebrate children’s achievements. A learning journey is about documenting children’s learning in a visual way.It isn’t about ticking boxes but a reflection of a child’s wow moments that are new to that child.

You will have access to your child’s learning journal throughout the year and you will be able to add your own comments and observations too. It is incredibly valuable for us to know what your child is getting up to at home (keeping in mind the EYFS framework and the importance of learning through play, we are not expecting you to deliver lessons at home!) as it paints the picture of the whole unique child. You might also like to pick up on any next steps identified to secure this learning further. If you have an older child you may remember learning journals from their time in reception, it is worth noting however that the guidance in the new EYFS framework that there has been a shift in focus from heavy amounts of paperwork and ‘over recording’ to spending more time in the moment interacting with the children and moving their learning on rather than tapping away on an iPad so the learning journals may not be as full as in previous years but rest assured your children are still getting the very best experience with positive relationships and an enabling environment for the unique child at the heart of all that we do. 

As with anything, we would be delighted to talk through your child’s learning journal so please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.